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Program Console that connect to an Azure Subscription to extract billing information into Excel file

This program can :

  • connect to your azure subscription using interactive account or service account
  • extract billing information from range date
  • create a XSLX file that summarize all the data (the format try to be the same as the one given by microsoft)
  • Send you an email with the Billing file sent as attachment

Get Started

To start, you've to configure the app.config :

   <!-- Service root URL for ADAL authentication service WITH NO TRAILING SLASH! -->
   <add key="ADALServiceURL" value="" />
   <!-- Redirect URL for ADAL authentication service MUST MATCH YOUR AAD APP CONFIGURATION! -->
   <add key="ADALRedirectURL" value="https://localhost/" />
   <!-- Service root URL for ARM/Billing service WITH NO TRAILING SLASH!  -->
   <add key="ARMBillingServiceURL" value="" />
   <!-- DNS name for your Azure AD tenant -->
   <add key="TenantDomain" value="{INSERT Tenant Domain here}" />
   <!-- GUID of Azure Subscription that is trusting AAD tenant specified above -->
   <add key="SubscriptionID" value="{INSERT YOUR AZURE SUBSCRIPTION ID HERE}" />
   <!-- GUID for AAD application configured as Native Client App in AAD tenant specified above -->
   <add key="ClientId" value="{INSERT YOUR AD CLIENT ID HERE}" />                
   <!-- If you've created an Service Account -->
   <add key="AppKey" value="{INSERT YOUR AZURE APP KEY HERE}" />
   <add key="ClientID2" value="{INSERT YOUR AD CLIENT ID HERE}" />
   <add key="SendGridApiKey" value="{INSERT SENDGRID API KEY HERE}" />
   <add key="BillingEmailSender" value="{INSERT AN SENDER HERE}" />
   <add key="BillingEmails" value="{INSERT DESTINATION EMAIL HERE USING '|'}" />

The first part about ADAL configuration is detailed in Microsoft Samples
The second part allow you to configure service account. This part is usefull if you want to deploy this program as a webjob for example. The third part allow you to configure mail service using SendGrid.

The program contains an help page :

alt HelpImage

To launch the program,

AzureBillingExport.Console.exe –u –start-date 2016-08-01

where -u indicate interactive mode and -start-date indicate the date to start getting information until now.

this will launch an interactive windows to log into your subscription :

alt login

(Remember: you account need to get at least Reader Permissions on All the subscription)

at the end the program display the number of line polled with the API : alt endProgram

Excel Sheet

The excel file is composed of 3 sheet :

  • Summary : with the date requested, total amount consumed by the subscription and a Chart
  • BillingDetails : a table with the same representation as the billing.csv available on
  • PivotTable : with a Pivot on the different Azure Service

Sheet 1 : alt sheet1

Sheet 2 : alt sheet2

Sheet 3 :
alt sheet3

Link to my blog post


Program Console that connect to an Azure Subscription to extract billing information into CSV file




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