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A simple timepicker component for Twitter Bootstrap
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Timepicker for Twitter Bootstrap 2.x Build Status

A simple timepicker component for Twitter Bootstrap.

Demos & Documentation

View demos & documentation.


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  1. Install NodeJS and Node Package Manager.
    npm install
  1. Use Bower to get the dev dependencies.
$ bower install
  1. Use Grunt to run tests, compress assets, etc.
$ grunt jasmine // run the jasmine tests headless in the console
$ grunt jasmine-server // run the tests and open in a browser
$ grunt watch // run jsHint and Jasmine tests whenever the src file or spec file is changed
$ grunt dump // minify the js and css files
  • Please make it easy on me by covering any new features or issues with Jasmine tests.
  • If your changes need documentation, please take the time to update the docs and copy the minified assets (grunt copy) in the gh-pages branch.


Thanks to everyone who have given feedback and submitted pull requests. A list of all the contributors can be found here.

Special thanks to @eternicode and his Twitter Datepicker for inspiration.

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