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# If you want to support more platforms, see the to get the
# natives libraries for the platform in question (i.e. solaris). Then, add it
# them to the applet line for export. For applications, you'll have to make the
# changes by hand, i.e. use the linux version of the export, and modify its
# contents to include the necessary files for your platform.
name = OpenGL
application.macosx = opengl.jar, jogl.jar, libjogl.jnilib, libjogl_awt.jnilib, libjogl_cg.jnilib, gluegen-rt.jar, libgluegen-rt.jnilib = opengl.jar, jogl.jar, jogl.dll, jogl_awt.dll, jogl_cg.dll, gluegen-rt.jar, gluegen-rt.dll
application.linux = opengl.jar, jogl.jar, gluegen-rt.jar,,,,
# In releases later than (but not including) 1.0.9, the applet JAR files
# are downloaded directly from Sun, so that a single version is cached
# on the user's computer, rather than increasing the download size with
# the versions for each platform.
applet = opengl.jar
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