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@@ -9,7 +9,6 @@ See the [open bugs in the bug tracker](
## Quick Start ##
Download the distribution.
$ curl -L | tar zx
@@ -27,30 +26,49 @@ Then try some examples.
text(frameRate, 20, 20)
$ java -jar processing-py.jar
-Put processing extension libraries in the "libraries" directory.
+## What is this? ##
+ is a system that lets you write programs in a dialect
+of Python that has [all of these keywords](
+In general, the way you run a program is to say
+ $ java -jar processing-py.jar path/to/
+## Can I use all of the existing [Processing libraries]( ##
+Yes! is implemented in Java, and is meant to be compatible
+with the whole existing ecosystem of
+[Processing libraries](
+Put processing extension libraries in the "libraries" subdirectory of
+your installation.
$ curl -O
$ cd libraries
$ unzip ../
-Import them in the usual Python way, e.g.
+Import them in the usual Python way, as in these snippets:
import peasy.PeasyCam
- cam = peasy.PeasyCam(this, 200)
import peasy.PeasyCam as PeasyCam
- cam = PeasyCam(this, 200)
from peasy import PeasyCam
+and then, in your `setup()` method
cam = PeasyCam(this, 200)
Unfortunately, `from foo import *` is not supported.
Use `this` to refer to the PApplet you're in, as in the examples above.
+Many libraries need a reference to "the current PApplet", and that's what
+`this` is for.
Put any Python libraries in the "libraries" directory, or in sketch directories.
Only pure-Python libraries will work--nothing that requires "native" code.

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