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@@ -7,6 +7,10 @@
from processing.core import PApplet
+A field is bad if it happens to be marked public in the PApplet source,
+but is undocumented or implementation-private.
BAD_FIELD = re.compile(r'''
@@ -15,11 +19,15 @@
''', re.X)
+A method is "bad" if either there's already a native python implementation
+of it (as in max()) or if it's private to the implementation of PApplet, but
+is marked public as a subclass of Component or Applet.
BAD_METHOD = re.compile(r'''
- |.*Released|(un)?register[A-Z].*|print(ln)?|setup[A-Z].+|thread
+ |.*Released|(un)?register[A-Z].*|print|setup[A-Z].+|thread
@@ -29,35 +37,57 @@
# I don't know of any other way to refer to primitive classes in Jython.
-prim = lambda(type_name): Class.forName(type_name).getField("TYPE").get(None)
-PRIMITIVES = { 'int': prim("java.lang.Integer"),
- 'char': prim("java.lang.Character"),
- 'byte': prim("java.lang.Byte"),
- 'long': prim("java.lang.Long"),
- 'double': prim("java.lang.Double"),
- 'float': prim("java.lang.Float"),
- 'boolean': prim("java.lang.Boolean") }
+def prim(type_name):
+ return Class.forName("java.lang.%s" % type_name).getField("TYPE").get(None)
+Here we map from mnemonic type names to the actual Java classes that implement
+those types.
+PRIMITIVES = { 'int': prim("Integer"),
+ 'char': prim("Character"),
+ 'byte': prim("Byte"),
+ 'long': prim("Long"),
+ 'double': prim("Double"),
+ 'float': prim("Float"),
+ 'boolean': prim("Boolean") }
USELESS_TYPES = (PRIMITIVES['char'], Class.forName('[C'), PRIMITIVES['byte'])
+We want to create Jython wrappers for all public methods of PApplet except
+those in "BAD_METHOD". Also, if we have both foo(int) and foo(char), we throw
+away the char variant, and always call the int variant. Same with foo(byte).
+Sadly, Java has no unisgned types, so the distinction is weird.
WANTED_METHODS = [m for m in Class.getDeclaredMethods(PApplet)
if Modifier.isPublic(m.getModifiers())
and not BAD_METHOD.match(m.getName())
and not any(k in USELESS_TYPES for k in m.getParameterTypes())]
+We want to create Jython wrappers for all variables visible during the
+Processing runtime.
WANTED_FIELDS = [f for f in Class.getDeclaredFields(PApplet)
if Modifier.isPublic(f.getModifiers())
and not Modifier.isStatic(f.getModifiers())
and not BAD_FIELD.match(f.getName())]
class ClassConversionInfo(object):
+ """
+ A structure to keep in one place all of the templates for generating
+ code for going back and forth between Python and Java.
+ """
def __init__(self, to_python_prefix, to_java_format, typecheck_format):
self.to_python_prefix = to_python_prefix
self.to_java_format = to_java_format
self.typecheck_format = typecheck_format
- Mapping from java type to various expressions needed in code
- generation around those types.
+Map from java types to various expressions needed in code
+generation around those types.
@@ -129,6 +159,9 @@ def emit_typecheck_expression(klass, name):
def is_builtin(name):
return name in ('map', 'filter', 'set', 'str')
+# TODO: replace this insanity with a decent templating system. What was I thinking?
class PolymorphicMethod(object):
def __init__(self, name, arity): = name

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