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Not able to use PVector #6

jarav opened this Issue · 6 comments

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Defining a variable of type PVector gives :
NameError: global name 'PVector' is not defined


Thanks, and good catch. I'll fix it, but you can work around it today by explicitly importing it:

from processing.core import PVector

But after doing that, I am getting this:
SystemError: Automatic proxy initialization should only occur on proxy classes


I can't reproduce that problem, and I can't even figure out where that error message might be coming from.

What happens if you run the sketch

from processing.core import PVector
print PVector(1,2,3)



If the test code I've provided does work for you, but your code does not, please create as small an example as possible that throws the error, and paste it here. Thanks very much.


Really sorry for not giving you the context in which I got the error. Here is the sample code:
from processing.core import PVector
import copy

def setup():
a = [PVector(1,2), PVector(3,4), PVector(5,6)]
b = copy.deepcopy(a)
print b[0]

Also PVector.sub(v1, v2) for PVectors v1 and v2 gives 'None'.


OK, you no longer need to explicitly import core Processing classes in your sketches as of build 0013.

This issue was closed.
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