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Jared's Projects

  1. AchieveCraft - PHP, MongoDB, dynamic image generation - Generated Minecraft achievement popup images, these were popular to put in forum signatures. Uses PHP GD library to add dynamic text and icon ontop of a template image.
  2. Concession Stand Cash Register/App - Javascript, Framework7 - Simple cash register app that has buttons for each item and automatically calculates total price and change due.
  3. Monopoly Bank App - Javascript, Framework7 - App that keeps track of player's banks in a Monopoly game and allows money to be sent between users. Contains a transaction log because my family cheats.
  4. DIY Internet Connected Garage Door - Arduino - First project I did with an Arduino, connected to my garage door remote and allowed me to control the garage via a web API.
  5. School Grade Notifier - Javascript/NodeJS, Puppeteer - Web scraper that loaded my school's grading website and sent me notifications when a grade was updated.
  6. College Schedule Utilities - Javascript, Chrome Extension - Tool I made that automatically created a .ics calendar file from my class schedule and generated binder cover sheets for each class.
  7. Among Us Reverse Proxy - Javascript/NodeJS - Script that intercepts Among Us game UDP packets and allows them to be modified.
  8. Computer Craft Wireless Peripheral - Lua - Script that allows computers added to Minecraft from the mod Computer Craft to interact with blocks wirelessly.

Concession Stand Cash Register/App

  • Technology: Framework7, Javascript, HTML. Intended to be saved as a web app or ran via Apache Cordova.
  • Inspiration: Created to make my life easier when working at my college's concession stands.
  • Info: A simple app that lets the user add items to a order and automatically calculate the price. Then let the user input a payment amount and calculate the change due. The main screen shows all available items and is fully reprogrammable from within the app. The list of items is generated from a JSON array defined in the settings of the app.
  • Video:
Main screen Pay screen
The main interface of the app, allows the user to select items as a customer is ordering and see the price. Allows the user to input the amount of cash being used to pay. The app will show the change due and the denominations of cash to give back.

Monopoly Bank App

  • Technology: Framework7, WebSockets (NodeJS WS), Javascript, HTML. Intended to be accessed from a mobile browser, but can also be saved as a webapp.
  • Inspiration: Created because no one in my family trusts anyone to be the banker in Monopoly. The version of Monopoly we have uses Millions and Thousands of dollars.
  • Info: A fun app with the sole purpose of being the Monopoly banker. All players login and allows users to deposit and withdraw money from the bank. It also allows users to transfer money to another player via a dropdown menu of all players currently in the game. Every transaction made is shown publicly in the Transaction History.
  • Video:
Main screen Amount Input screen
The main screen shows your current balance at the top of the screen and provides the 3 main functions of the bank. This screen pops up anytime an amount needs to be entered. It has a convenient 10% button for when you need to pay your 10% taxes in game.

DIY Internet Connected Garage Door

  • Technology: Hardware: Arduino, RaspberryPi, 5V Relay, Proximity sensor. Software: ExpressJS, C++ (Arduino)
  • Inspiration: I bought an Arduino starter kit and this was my first real project after learning how to blink an LED. The hardest part of this project was trying to take apart the garage door remote without breaking it.
  • Info: This was a project just for me to start out with on the Arduino. It exposes 2 API endpoints getGarageStatus & toggleGarage. I later modified it to provide exact progress of the garage door opening and closing (Using the proximity sensor)
App Hardware
Super simple app, realistically it would be better being compatible with HomeKit. Super simple hardware too. 5V relay controlled by the Arduino can trigger the button on the disassembled garage door remote.

School Grade Notifier

  • Technology: iNowAPI (Made by me), NodeJS
  • Inspiration: Created for fun and also, so I wouldn't have to constantly check my grades until a teacher put a grade in.
  • Info: The main part of this project is the iNowAPI that I made. It works by using Puppeteer to load the school's grade website and extract the grades of assignments.
Text messages iNowAPI

College Schedule Utilities

  • Technology: ICS.js (Calendar file generator), docxtemplater (Word document templating in JS), Javascript Chrome Extension
  • Inspiration: By the 2nd semester of college I was already tired of manually adding my classes to my calendar. So I made a quick Chrome extension that parses the schedule webpage and downloads a .ics calendar file.
  • Info: Over time I added multiple features to the extension. The 3 features it has now: Class Calendar generator, Class Binder cover sheet generator, and a calendar generator that takes the college's academic calendar and lets me add it to my calendar easily. (Exam days and college deadlines)

Among Us Reverse Proxy

  • GitHub:
  • Technology: NodeJS
  • Inspiration: Among Us was a very popular game in 2020, and I wanted to make a website that would show statistics of the rounds I played.
  • Info: Creates a UDP socket on localhost and tells the game to use localhost as the server. So now we have control over the game's packets, since I only wanted to inspect/modify it sends it on to the original destination server. Then any packets that get sent from the server to us are intercepted via another UDP socket and we have access to them, then sent on to the original socket the game created.

Computer Craft Wireless Peripheral

  • GitHub:
  • Technology: Lua, Minecraft, Computer Craft
  • Info: In the game Minecraft there is a mod that adds computers. These computers are able to interact with other blocks in the world via what it calls "peripherals", but it can only do this if it is wired directly into that block. So this is a script that allows those computers to be able to access those peripherals wirelessly.