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轻量级移动端Vue组件库 (A Vue.js 2.0 UI Toolkit for Mobile Web)
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NutUI 2

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A light mobile Toolkit based on Vue


English | 简体中文


  • Cross-platform,automatically convert to WeChat Mini Program components(coming soon)
  • New structure
  • Used by 30+ JD mobile projects
  • Refer to JD APP 7.0 visual specification
  • On-demand loading Support
  • Detailed documents and examples
  • Customize themes Support
  • Multiple languages Support (Internationalization)
  • TypeScript Support
  • Vue Server-side Rendering Support(Vue SSR)
  • Unit test blessing
  • A Webpack-based build tool is available to quickly create a Vue project with this component library built in

If you want to use the 1.x version, please specify the version number when installing,such as: npm i @nutui/nutui@1.3.2 -S

Environment Support

  • Android 4.0+
  • iOS 8.0+
  • Support Vue Server-side Rendering


  • Stable:npm

You can also subscribe to: for the notifications of stable releases。


NutUI Demo


Please refer to the NutUI offcial website for the details on how to use it

Documents:2.X | 1.X


Open Source LICENSE


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