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pcperini commented Feb 8, 2012
  1. I added conditionals where iOS/OS X specific things were occurring, allowing users to drop in the code as-is into either iOS or Mac OS X projects.
  2. I ARCified the code. Most of this work was done by the Xcode ARC Refactor Engine
  3. I added blocks to OADataFetcher, in an attempt to clean up some of the fractured callback mechanisms.

Some of these changes would admittedly push up the minimum SDK requirements for the project, but they are well worth it for my needs, and I'm sure they are for others' as well.

Patrick Perini Usability Upgrade
ARCified code. Automatic cross-compiling for iOS/OS X. Added
finish/fail blocks for OADataFetcher.
@pcperini pcperini closed this Jul 24, 2016
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