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I’ll be the first to admit this code sucks. There is huge room for improvement, but this was meant to be a quick learning
experience. It was about shipping another app that filled a simple need. I didn’t plan on sharing it, but I’ve seen a lot
over the last few days that has made me rethink that decision.

One of the most awesome parts about the Ruby community is the culture of code sharing. I want to see the same happen with the
iPhone community, and now is the time to start giving. All of the code in this project is based on ideas, patterns and snippets
that I’ve found during several late nights.

Please feel free to reuse any code or ideas. Just don’t be a jackass and submit your own copy of PackLog to the app store. :)

A few highlights:

Custom URI scheme notes:

Rather than having the user type out their “big huge” Backpack API token, it was easier to have them copy/paste it onto a webpage,
which would generate a link they could e-mail themselves to follow.

All was right in the world, until the realization that Mail.app on the iPhone won’t make custom URIs clickable. Whoops.
Instead, we have the user e-mail an http:// link, which is a simple PHP script that redirects MobileSafari to a
custom URI (packlog://).

The packlog:// URI is packlog://subdomain:apiToken@backpack


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