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Stardust is a lightweight web application framework. I made Stardust to serve as a bootstrap application for my future web apps. Stardust gives my apps a minimal build environment, some common UI elements, and a small library of JavaScript functions.


View the Stardust Demo.


  • Responsive design
  • No production dependencies
  • TypeScript support compiling to ES5
  • SCSS support
  • PWA support
  • Build scripts for TypeScript, SCSS, and copying files

UI and UX features

  • Title bar
  • Side menu
  • Dark and light theme
  • Loading bar
  • Modal window
  • Toasts

How to build a Stardust app

1. Copy Stardust files

You need a copy of the code in this repository, which you can get by downloading a ZIP file of the latest version. Once downloaded, extract the Stardust files to your projects directory and change the name of the "Stardust" or "Stardust-main" folder to the name of your new app.

2. Install dev dependencies

You'll need to have NodeJS installed (last tested with v16, but you should use at least Node v14). Once Node is installed and working, open a terminal in the root of your project directory and run npm install to install development dependencies.

3. Initialize Stardust

Open a terminal in the root of your project directory and run npm run stardust-init to initialize Stardust and follow the prompts. This changes the app's name and description from the Stardust default to whatever they should be for your app.

4. Build Stardust your app

To build your new app using Stardust, open a terminal in the root of your project directory and run npm run build. This will compile all of the TypeScript and SCSS files, and copy them over to the build directory.

5. Update README and icons

Don't forget to replace the contents of the file (this file) with the README of your project. Also, it might be a good idea to add your own icons to src/art and remove any demo files such as hello-diff.png.

6. Develop your app

Now you can start developing your app. The general idea is that your main UI code goes in src/index.html, your CSS goes in src/css/_app.css, and your TypeScript goes in src/js/app.ts. You're obviously free to add any other files and scripts that you need as long as you remember to include them in src/index.html.

You can run npm run build-watch to continuously build your app as you develop, or npm run build to run a one-off build.


Stardust is a lightweight web application framework.






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