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Wordpress 2016 theme in Jekyll
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Sweet 16

Wordpress 2016 theme revives in Jekyll.

This theme is for those who like the visual design of Wordpress but otherwise want a static site.

This theme is a reaction to content injection vulnerability in Wordpress 4.7. I've always liked the design of Wordpress default themes. Wordpress is also good for muggles but too complex for me. I've never thought that such complexity would cause problem until a random French guy injected a spam article.


Customization is welcome since developers' and writers' files are somewhat separated. The only underscored paths writers touch are _data and _posts.

Differences from 2016, the reference theme are considered bugs although some of them are impossible to fix due to the nature of Jekyll. Bravely file bugs or make pull requests to make this theme more close to the reference theme.


GPL because this theme is a derivative from Wordpress.

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