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<?xml version="1.0"?>
<project name="IronLanguages" basedir=".">
<target name="all">
<call target="dlr" />
<call target="ironstudio" />
<call target="ironruby.rack" />
<call target="ironpythontools" />-->
<call target="ironpython" />
<call target="ironpython.mono" />
<call target="ruby" />
<target name="dlr">
<property name="solution" value="Dlr" />
<call target="build" />
<target name="ironpython.mono">
<property name="solution" value="IronPython.Mono" />
<call target="build" />
<target name="ironpython">
<property name="solution" value="IronPython" />
<call target="build" />
<target name="ironpythontools">
<property name="solution" value="IronPythonTools" />
<call target="build" />
<target name="ironruby.rack">
<property name="solution" value="IronRuby.Rack" />
<call target="build" />
<target name="ironstudio">
<property name="solution" value="IronStudio" />
<call target="build" />
<target name="ruby">
<property name="solution" value="Ruby" />
<call target="build" />
<target name="build">
<msbuild project="Solutions\${solution}.sln">
<arg value="/property:Configuration=Debug" />
<arg value="/t:Rebuild" />
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