A set of PowerShell tools for working with type extensions.
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This PowerShell module contains commands that make it easier to work with type extensions. Many of these commands are wrappers for built-in tools like Get-TypeData or Update-TypeData.


The current release is v1.2.0.

You can also install from the PowerShell Gallery:

Install-Module PSTypeExtensionTools

Why You Want to Use This

Let's say you want to update a number object, but you have no idea what the type name is. Once you have read help for the commands in this module you could run a PowerShell command like this:

PS C:\> 123 | Get-PSType | 
Add-PSTypeExtension -MemberType ScriptProperty -MemberName SquareRoot -Value { [math]::Sqrt($this)}

Use $this to reference the object instead of $_. Now you can get the new property.

PS C:\> $x = 123
PS C:\> $x.SquareRoot

Once you know the type name you can add other type extensions.

PS C:\> Add-PSTypeExtension -TypeName system.int32 -MemberType ScriptProperty -MemberName Squared -value { $this*$this}
PS C:\> Add-PSTypeExtension -TypeName system.int32 -MemberType ScriptProperty -MemberName Cubed -value { [math]::Pow($this,3)}
PS C:\> Add-PSTypeExtension -TypeName system.int32 -MemberType ScriptProperty -MemberName Value -value { $this}
PS C:\> Add-PSTypeExtension -TypeName system.int32 -MemberType ScriptMethod -MemberName GetPercent -value {Param([int32]$Total,[int32]$Round=2) [math]::Round(($this/$total)*100,$round)}

Here's how it might look:

PS C:\> $x = 38
PS C:\> $x | select *

      SquareRoot Squared Cubed Value
      ---------- ------- ----- -----
6.16441400296898    1444 54872    38

PS C:\> $x.GetPercent(50)
PS C:\> $x.GetPercent(100)
PS C:\> $x.GetPercent(110,4)

To see what has been defined you can use Get-PSTypeExtension. You can choose to see all extensions or selected ones by member name.

PS C:\> Get-PSTypeExtension system.int32 

   TypeName: System.Int32

Name       Type           Value
----       ----           -----
SquareRoot ScriptProperty  [math]::Sqrt($this)
Squared    ScriptProperty  $this*$this
Cubed      ScriptProperty  [math]::Pow($this,3)
Value      ScriptProperty  $this
GetPercent ScriptMethod   Param([int32]$Total,[int32]$Round=2) [math]::Round(($this/$total)*100,$round)

If you always want these extensions you would have to put the commands into your PowerShell profile script. Or you can export the extensions to a json or xml file. You can either export all members or selected ones which is helpful if you are extending a type that already has type extensions from PowerShell.

PS C:\> Get-PSTypeExtension system.int32  | 
Export-PSTypeExtension -TypeName system.int32 -Path c:\work\int32-types.json

In your PowerShell profile script you can then re-import the type extension definitions.

Import-PSTypeExtension -Path C:\work\int32-types.json

Create ps1xml Files

The export command makes it easy to construct a ps1xml file. All you need to do is provide the type name and the extensions you want to export, and it will create a properly formatted ps1xml file that you can import into a session with Update-TypeData or distribute with a module. No more clunky XML copying, pasting and hoping for the best.

I want to try

You can find a number of type extension exports in the Samples folder.

PSTypeExtensionTools Cmdlets


Add a new type extension such as an Alias or ScriptProperty.


Export type extensions to a json, xml or ps1xml file.


Get the type name of an object.


Get type extensions for a given type.


Import type extension definitions from a json file or xml.

This project was first described at http://jdhitsolutions.com/blog/powershell/5777/a-powershell-module-for-your-type-extensions

There is also an about topic you can read:

help about_pstypeextensiontools

last updated 28 September 2018