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(ns trigger-bastion-destruction.handler
(:require [clojure.string :as cs]
[cljs.nodejs :as node]))
(def AWS
(node/require "aws-sdk"))
(def lambda
(new AWS.Lambda))
(defn env
(aget js/process.env k))
(def destroy-bastion-function-name (env "DESTROY_BASTION_FUNCTION_NAME"))
(defn ^:export handle-request
[event _ callback]
(let [event (js->clj event :keywordize-keys true)
user (last (cs/split (get-in event [:requestContext :identity :userArn]) #"/"))
payload (.stringify js/JSON (clj->js {:user user}))]
(.invoke lambda
(clj->js {:FunctionName destroy-bastion-function-name
:InvocationType "Event"
:Payload payload})
(fn [_ _]
(callback nil (clj->js {:statusCode 200}))))))