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An example of how to integrate a Datomic query group into a service with Terraform
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This is a starter template for integrating Datomic into a service using Terraform. You can read more about the approach on my site: Datomic with Terraform

This also assumes you have a global Datomic service set up like datomic-service.

You might also find my datomic-http-direct-example and sqs-driven-ion useful.


All Terraform and scripts assume you have the AWS CLI tools installed. On the Mac, you can install them via Homebrew:

brew install awscli


All of the Terraform assumes that you have configured your AWS credentials the following way:


aws_access_key_id = …
aws_secret_access_key = …


[profile ops]

[profile ops-dev]
source_profile = ops
role_arn = …

[profile ops-tools]
source_profile = ops
role_arn = …

[profile ops-stage]
source_profile = ops
role_arn = …

[profile ops-prod]
source_profile = ops
role_arn = …

You can configure using aws configure or edit the files directly.


Check out my deployment-pipeline and pipeline-example for examples of how to integrate with CodePipeline.

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