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Logic-less templates for .NET
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Nustache - Logic-less templates for .NET


I haven't used Nustache in a while and don't have enough bandwidth to responsibly maintain it.
If you depend on Nustache and want committ access, please contat me!

For a list of implementations (other than .NET) and editor plugins, see


- Pull from GitHub or download the repository and build it.
- Or, install via NuGet (search for Nustache).
- If you're using MVC, you'll want to build/install the Nustache.Mvc3 project,


For non-MVC projects:

- Add a reference to Nustache.Core.dll (done for you if you used NuGet).
- Import the Nustache.Core namespace.
- Use one of the static, helper methods on the Render class.

    var html = Render.FileToString("foo.template", myData);

- Data can be object, IDictionary, or DataTable.
- If you need more control, use Render.Template.
- See the source and tests for more information.
- For compiled templates:

   var template = new Template();
   template.Load(new StringReader(templateText));
   var compiled = template.Compile<Foo>(null);

   var html = compiled(fooInstance);

For MVC projects:

- Add a reference to Nustache.Mvc3.dll (done for you if you used NuGet).
- Add NustacheViewEngine to the global list of view engines.
- See Global.asax.cs in the Nustache.Mvc3.Example project for an example.


- Command-line wrapper around Render.FileToFile.
- Parameters are templatePath, dataPath, and outputPath.
- Reads JSON or XML from dataPath for data.
  - If extension is .js or .json, assumes JSON. Must wrap with { }.
  - If extension is .xml, assumes XML. Initial context is the document element.

    nustache.exe foo.template myData.json foo.html

- External templates are assumed to be in the same folder as the template
  mentioned in templatePath.
- Extension is also assumed to be the same as the template in templatePath.


- The same as Mustache with some extensions.
- Support for defining internal templates:

    {{<foo}}This is the foo template.{{/foo}}
    The above doesn't get rendered until it's included
    like this:
    You can define templates inside sections. They override
    templates defined in outer sections which override
    external templates.


- Build with VS2012 or MSBuild.
- To run the tests that use Mustache specs, run this command from your
  Nustache clone:

    git submodule update --init
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