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- Tests now include official Mustache specs and code was updated
so that they all pass.
- Getting specs to pass included adding ampersand escapes and custom
delimiters and many small whitespace fixes.
- Added option for throwing when keys reference undefined values
thanks to Mark deVilliers (mdevilliers).
- Nustache.Compilation project thanks to Jon Wingfield (jonwingfield).
- Support dictionaries that implement IDictionary<K, V>, but not
IDictionary thanks to Matthew Schaad (mschaad).
- Check for keys containing dots before splitting on dots. Reported
by joeyjbarrett.
- Allow whitespace inside markers like {{ #foo }} and {{ /foo }}.
- Allow spaces in template includes thanks to Tim Schmidt (taschmidt).
- Configurable value getters thanks to Mattias Rydengren (mrydengren).
- Simpler XML processing thanks to Bruce Lindsay (bruce-lindsay).
- Nustache.Core.dll is signed.
- Fixed RootContext not being honored when rendering partials
from Razor templates.
- Fixed whitespace not allowed in triple stashes.
- Use HttpUtility.HttpEncode in MVC since it does smarter encoding.
- Fixed null values not preventing looking up the data stack.
- New lines are stripped from lines that only contain markers.
- Added support for paths in variable references.
- Fixed dictionaries (deserialized JSON) not working.
- No more dependency on System.Web so can be used with the
Client Profile.
- MVC view engine now uses ViewData is the inital context and not
ViewData.Model like before. This makes it more like Razor and
is now possible because we can use paths to get values. This
may break some templates if you were implicitly getting values
form your model.
- When adding the NustacheViewEngine to your project, you can
set RootContext to NustacheViewEngineRootContext.Model to use
the Model instead of ViewData as your initial context.
- MVC view engine now supports masters and sections. See the
Nustache.Mvc3.Example project to see how.
- {{>foo}} now looks for partial views with the MVC view engine.
- The view engine now caches templates unless they've changed on disk.
- Removed old MVC projects and examples.
I can add them back if you really need them.
- First push to NuGet by me.