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git clone git:// ~/.vim
Create symlinks:
ln -s ~/.vim/vimrc ~/.vimrc
ln -s ~/.vim/gvimrc ~/.gvimrc
Switch to the `~/.vim` directory, and fetch submodules:
cd ~/.vim
git submodule update --init
On Windows (as Administrator):
cd %HOME%
git clone git:// .vim
mklink .vimrc .vim\vimrc
mklink .gvimrc .vim\gvimrc
cd .vim
git submodule update --init
I think that mklink only runs on Vista and up. If you're on XP, you can create
a .vimrc with this one line in it in %HOME%.
source ~/.vim/vimrc
Your .gvimrc could look like this:
source ~/.vim/gvimrc
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