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Citation system. Takes in generic patterns from an external server to search for citation metadata. Then goes through the DOM, finds the information, then generates a hash with key=>value pairs of the citation. Then calls a service to generate a citation string based on arbitrary pattern returned by external server.


wikiCite.js Contains the object WikiCite, which is constructed to allow access to library API functions.

client.js Sample client that constructs a WikiCite object and uses it to get a Citation pattern, creates hash, then outputs results.


setRootElement(@jQuery path String)

Sets the root element. Root element in this case refers to the DOM element that contains all of the information for the record we are searching for.

setRecordFields(@pattern hash)

Sets the internal Hash of key value pairs to look for inside the library citation


Gets the current pattern hash


Takes the record fields given through setRecordFields, replaces each MARC value with what is gleaned from the DOM.

getCitation(@pattern, @delim, @container)

Replaces all %s%s items with their equivalents in the recordFields hash. delim refers to the delimiter used in the template string. @container is the HTML element to which the results will be attached.

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