Interedition Experimental Front-end client for Moritz (wissenbach) and Marcos Petris' online annoation repository service
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Interedition MM Client

Authors: Grant Dickie

Development Notes

FRONT END CLIENT GROUP - Display Text from corpora - Allow user to select the text (Creates a target object) - Allow user to enter text to Body content as free text - Push annotation to raxdl server - TODO: register constraints on constraint server

Use cases for front-end client:
* User has Target URI of <mime-type> (XML, text, website, image) that they provide text in a textarea to describe/annotate
	- Grab the URI of the target item, validate, display success message to user
	- Ingest textarea data and create a new Body URI and record in the backend service
	- update data store and presentations to reflect this
* User gives a Target URI <mime-type> ... and a URI for the Body that points to anything but another annotation
	- Checks the URI of that is input for Body, validates, and display success message to user
	- Checks the data store/server to see if there is a record already present of the Body URI, if there is, pulls data into Data Store. If not, data store creates a new URI for the Body and record. Pushes to server.
Assumptions for Client: 
	- Each annotation is different (Differentiate using timestamp)