Because talking about race shouldn't be so stressful -_-
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White Fragility



This repo documents my work around distributing Robin DiAngelo's White Fragility in zine form. This repo (and the website) offers an easy-to-read and easy-to-share version of Robin DiAngelo's White Fragility. You can read the entire paper, as well as print, assemble and distribute your own White Fragility zine.

Once upon a time, someone shared this paper. Later, someone else found it useful. With Robin DiAngelo's permission, we decided to spread her words far and wide across the land. During the Public Science Winter Residency, we distributed the White Fragility zine on the subway, handed them out to our close friends and strangers, mailed it across the country, and traded them for donations at a Internet-ish flea market. We are excited to see where you take it next.

We hope you find it useful too. As the saying goes, talking about race shouldn't be so stressful -_-


Print your own

Printable versions of White Fragility in zine form are available here:

Design by Johann

Design by Alex

Design by Francis

More instructions on how to print can be found on the website

Repo Structure


designs - Designs for the zine

documentation - Various documentation of making and distributing zine

presentation - Presentation for end of Public Science Winter Residency

text - White Fragility by Robin DiAngelo in PDF, Markdown and plain text form

Part of the Public Science Winter Residency