A wrapper plugin around the Berkelium library to render and interact with web pages inside Unity3D
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The Unity Berkelium Plugin

This plugin wraps Berkelium (http://berkelium.org) into a thin C layer, and provides a C# script that can be attached to Unity objects.

A couple of notes:

- This is a plugin using native code, so it only works with Unity Pro, and it doesn't work inside a browser.

- If you want to get this working in the Unity (Pro) editor, copy all files from "berkelium/bin" to your Unity editor directory (defaults to "C:\Program Files (x86)\Unity\Editor" in Windows 7). I know this is a dirty hack, but that's the only way I could get it to work. If anyone knows a better way, please let me know!

- There is a test project in "test-project/Assets/BerkeliumUnityTest.unity". It contains a plane with the script attached. You can edit the width and height and the URL.

- The URL has to start with a protocol (http:// for example). I don't know why it doesn't work without it.

- When you want mouse events to work, your object needs a mesh collider (or needs to be a GUI texture).

- There is a log file in "test-project" (when using the Unity editor).

- When you release a project, you must copy all files from "berkelium/bin" to your executable's directory. In the test release, I stripped as many files as possible.

- I am developing this plugin as part of the Flemish (Belgian) OSMA project (http://osma.phl.be/). The research project focuses on open game development.

- I release this code under the same license as Berkelium itself, which is a BSD-style license. See the LICENSE file.

Known issues:
- There seems to be some problem with mouse events
- Keyboard events aren't working yet
- Scrolling isn't supported yet. This is handled seperately in Berkelium (solution almost ready).
- The texture is inverted. You can set the X scale of the Transform to -1 (like in the example), but I am looking for a better solution
- Rendering is very slow. I am still uploading the whole texture each frame (solution almost ready)

Have fun!

Jeroen Dierckx