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When this set of scripts is configured correctly, the Samsung NX300M will automatically backup all photos and videos via scp whenever the camera is turned on.

##Installing## To use this, your camera must be using the 1.10 camera body firmware. I've tested on the 1.13 firmware, and it doesn't work with that. I've not tested 1.11 or 1.12, so it may or may not work with those revisions. You can downgrade your camera's firmware to 1.10 with minimal effort.

Copy the contents of the sdcard directory onto the sdcard from the camera.

In autobackup/config:

  1. Set the ESSID of the network you want to connect to
  2. Set the hostname you want to connect to in the form user@hostname
  3. Set the path you want to copy the files to on the destination

Then: Copy the id_rsa and to autobackup/ssh for a user with write permissions to the destination

##Details## is run every time the camera is turned on and calls autobackup/ checks to see if there are any new files that haven't been backed up yet, and, if there are, connects to the listed WiFi AP, runs a "keep alive" script so the camera won't automatically shut down, and sends each new file to the backup server. After all the new files have been sent, it shuts down the WiFi connection and the "keep alive" script.

##To Do##

  1. Keep-alive script currently sends keypresses to the display, keeping the display on as well as the camera. I'd like to find a way to just keep the camera on while letting the display go off.
  2. Use smbclient so you can autobackup to Windows without using Samsung's software (not sure whether this is worth the effort).
  3. See if we can somehow get the camera to wake up to automatically run the backup without having to manually turn it on.
  4. Show a pretty backup status in the corner of the screen as the backup runs.


Backup from the Samsung NX300M using scp







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