OBSOLETE - Project for "archetype"-ing Gradle projects
Groovy Shell
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Project for creating new projects.


The project is built using Gradle, which provides bootstrapping wrapper support so that the only thing that needs to be installed on the build machine is Java (because of Java licensing distribution rules).

You can run "gradlew" (i.e., "./gradlew" on *nix or "gradlew.bat" on Windows) from the top level directory, followed by the desired tasks.

For example, to do a clean build -- including running all quality tests and creating the distribution jars -- simply run "gradlew clean build"

To see a complete list of available tasks, run "gradlew tasks".

To create project files for IntelliJ IDEA or STS/Eclipse, specify that as the Gradle task. (i.e., "gradlew idea" or "gradlew eclipse")


To create a stand-alone application of this, run "gradlew installApp" or "gradlew distZip".

"installApp" will put the binaries in the build/install/gradle-template directory.

"distZip" will zip everything up and put it in the build/distributions/ directory.

To see the list of options, run the program with no options supplied.



  • Accept CLI arguments
  • Create target top-level directory
  • Initialize Git project
    • .gitignore
    • README.md
    • git add .gitignore README.md
  • Create default .gitignore and README.md files
  • Create src dir structure for kind of project (Java, Groovy)
  • Gradle create "application" of this
  • Create Gradle wrapper
  • Create base build.gradle and gradle.properties files
  • Add option to add GitHub/BitBucket support.