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Run Interchange under Plack

This may not be the fastest way to run Interchange, but if you need a quick-and-dirty local development instance, it can't be beat.

To run this in production, you'll probably want to proxy it with Nginx, and you should have a startup/shutdown script for plackup, perhaps with Ubic.


  1. First, you'll need cpanm (cpanminus).

  2. Then Plack and a few middlewares:

cpanm Plack Plack::Builder Plack::App::WrapCGI Plack::Middleware::Static Plack::Middleware::ForceEnv CGI::Emulate::PSGI CGI::Compile Starman


Copy the psgi file to your Interchange root: cp app.psgi /path/to/interchange/ and customize it.

Customize your catalog's products/variable.txt or copy products/site.txt to your catalog and adjust the variables within.

Set Mall No in your interchange.cfg.

Don't forget to run your bin/compile_link to create the "vlink" file:

cd /path/to/interchange/


starman --listen :5001 --workers 1 --daemonize /path/to/interchange/app.psgi



Extra credit 1: use a ".test" domain on your local box

Install dnsmasq and then run the dnsmasq.sh command as root.

Alter site.txt to use the ".test" domain of your choosing (plus port number), e.g. http://strap.test:5001

Extra credit 2: expose your local server to the internet

Install ngrok and run with:

ngrok http 5001

Alter the server variables in site.txt to use the provided hostname, and restart or reconfigure Interchange.

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