Move items from Pivotal Tracker to a Trello board
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Move items from Pivotal Tracker to a Trello board


  • Perl v5.16 or higher.
  • Install cpanminus if you don't already have it.
cpanm Text::CSV  
cpanm Email::MIME   
cpanm Email::Sender::Simple


  1. Login to Trello, choose one of your Boards.
  2. Click Show Menu on the right-hand side.
  3. Click More.
  4. Choose Email-to-board Settings.
  5. Copy the email address for the board, and alter the script to use this.
  6. Adjust settings for Your emailed cards appear in.
  7. Close that, choose Labels.
  8. Create labels to match any Pivotal labels you might have used (from Pivotal labels, " - " gets replaced with "-", and spaces are replaced with underscores).
  9. Run the script.


Pivotal will not export any files attached to items.


  • Handle the Type column.