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Arduino code to control a pair of robotic cat ears with a MindWave headset
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MindWave Cat Ears

This is an arduino sketch to make a pair of ears move according to brain waves.

It's a work in progress. I'll be announcing progress and updates on my blog and on twitter.


Open these sketches in the Arduino IDE and upload to an arduino board.


These sketches been tested in Arduino v.0022 alpha.
They have not been tested in Arduino 1.0 yet.


See the Assembly Instructions for full usage and instructions.


As of Friday, November 25, 2011 the assembly instructions are only partially written.


  • Printable CAD files on
    STL files, printable on a makerbot. Editable Solidworks files still being compiled.

  • Assembly Instructions on
    Also a work in progress, I'm waiting for a new set of parts to do a full set of build photos.


  • change the servo min/max variable setup so that it's easier to tune
  • change the ear wiggle functions to make them easier to tune
  • finish the build instructions
  • test the code on arduino 1.0
  • port the code to the Arduino Brain Library.
  • generalize the code to make it easier to make non-feline versions and animations of the ears
  • make the ear movement more fluid and less jerky.
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