Get some random numbers within a range of numbers.
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Get a specified amount of random numbers within a range of 0 to n, using raw JavaScript--jquery or any other JavaScript framework was not used.

To use, simply import the randomNumberGenerator script in your <head> tag:

<script src="js/randomNumberGenerator.js"></script>

And call the randomNumberGenerator() function somewhere, supplying the amount of numbers you want back (aka, the length of the returned array), and the highest number in the range, i.e,:

randomNumberGenerator(3, 28);

...attached to a button, will return an array of random numbers each time it is clicked:


This is useful for gaming scripts that require 1 or more random numbers for AI and the like, especially when a random positions in an array/arrays are required. I currently use a form of this function in the statesGame and workoutRandomizer repos.

See it in action here

Some improvement ideas:

  • Ability to pass in arrays, array lengths, string lengths, etc., rather than just numbers
  • Option to have an object returned, with key/value pairs, for some flexibility
  • Code optimization