Reading and analyzing emails with Spring Boot, Spring Data Elasticsearch, Spring MVC and Groovy
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Email analyzer

This Spring Boot web app reads emails from a POP3/IMAP-Provider, stores them in the Elasticsearch database and analyzes them with the Spring Data Elasticsearch framework. The graph is drawn with Plotly.

There is further documentation at Jörn Dinkla's homepage.

This code is meant as a prototype for learning, not a production ready software product.

Written by Jörn Dinkla, see


The following frameworks and libraries were used:

Running the application

You can start all the services with docker and docker-compose.

Use the following command:

$ docker-compose up

Using the application

Point your browser to http://localhost:8080/ and follow the screens shown and explained in the documentation

Optional: Analysing emails with kibana

kibana is a tool for analysing large data sets.

Point your browser to http://localhost:5601/ for kibana and create the index pattern as shown in in the documentation.


Stop the docker-compose with Control-C.

Further reading

See the documentation.

(c) 2016, 2018 Jörn Dinkla,