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; program irq
; Set the irq.
%include "forth.h"
%include "kernel_words.h"
%include "kernel_video.h"
[BITS 32]
global forth_irq_handler
%define _irqmsg irqmsg
%define _irqmsg2 irqmsg2
; function: irq_init
; Initialize the IRQ handling.
defcode irq_init, irq_init, 0
; Magic happens here
mov al, 0x11
out 0x20, al
out 0xA0, al
mov al, 0x20
out 0x21, al
mov al, 0x28
out 0xA1, al
mov al, 0x04
out 0x21, al
mov al, 0x02
out 0xA1, al
mov al, 0x01
out 0x21, al
out 0xA1, al
mov al, 0
out 0x21, al
out 0xA1, al
; test - Disable all interrupts but keyboard and clock
mov al, 0xfc
out 0x21, al
mov al, 0xff
out 0xa1, al
; function: isr_info
; Returns the isr id and isr error code
; stack:
; {isr info} -- {isr info} isr_no isr_err
defcode isr_info, isr_info, 0
mov eax, [esp + 64]
push eax
mov eax, [esp + 64]
push eax
; function: irq_handler
; Handles all interruptions
; stack:
; {isr info} -- {isr info}
: irq_handler, irq_handler, 0
isr_info swap drop 4 * isr_table + @
dup 0<> if execute else drop then
; FIXME - unconditional clean
0x20 0xA0 outb
0x20 0x20 outb
; function: register_isr_handler
; Register a handler for an irq.
; stack:
; addr i --
: register_isr_handler, register_isr_handler, 0
4 * isr_table + !
section .data
; table: isr_table
; Table of the routines that handle an isr
isr_table: times 48 dq 0
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