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QuickMockup is a simple tool for creating simple mockups of interfaces and websites. It is HTML based and javascript-enhanced.

I currently don't develop this. If you need something more powerful, have a look at

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The tool is meant to allow to quickly create mockups of interfaces in order to communicate ideas.

It is not meant for pixel perfect mockups nor for complex interface mockups involving several screens and hundereds of elements.

The target group for now are interaction/interface designers or design-aware developers who take part in open source projects and need to communicate their ideas. An mockup is worth a thousand words in this case.


You can just save the webpage with your browsers save function (e.g. see here for Firefox) . In the dropdown in the saving dialog, you can select something like »complete webpage« and »only HTML«.

  • If you save the »complete webpage« , you retain interactivity (you could zip the files, send it to someone and that person could just continue working) .
  • If you save »only HTML«, you still save a file containing your mockup wich you can view in any browser.

You can also just do a screenshot (in case it is more a throw-away mock anyway) using whichever tool you like.


HTML based and javascript-enhanced, means that the functions rely on manipulating the HTML directly; there is no MVC-Framework, Database etc. The core code is not very long.

This has the advantage of keeping things simple. It means also that I needed to go with what works well already. E.g. there in no zoom, since it makes dragging much harder to manage.

Create own interface Elements

Interface elements (a custom button or so) can be created in HTML and CSS.

See the source code for now, there are instructions in a comment in the html at the beginning of the code for the element list.


MIT License; Used Libraries may have other licenses – see below

Used Libraries

Library Creator License Origin
jQuery Copyright 2005, 2013 jQuery Foundation, Inc. and other contributors Released under the MIT license
jQueryUI Copyright jQuery Foundation and other contributors Released under the MIT license
Mousetrap Craig Campbell in 2012-2015 Apache 2.0
Showdown Showdown Copyright (c) 2007, John Fraser Showdown Copyright