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Package tag implements functions for tagging parts of speech.
package tag
import "strings"
// Token represents a tagged section of text.
type Token struct {
Text string
Tag string
// TupleSlice is a slice of tuples in the form (words, tags).
type TupleSlice [][][]string
// Len returns the length of a Tuple.
func (t TupleSlice) Len() int { return len(t) }
// Swap switches the ith and jth elements in a Tuple.
func (t TupleSlice) Swap(i, j int) { t[i], t[j] = t[j], t[i] }
// ReadTagged converts pre-tagged input into a TupleSlice suitable for training.
func ReadTagged(text, sep string) TupleSlice {
t := TupleSlice{}
for _, sent := range strings.Split(text, "\n") {
tokens := []string{}
tags := []string{}
for _, token := range strings.Split(sent, " ") {
parts := strings.Split(token, sep)
tokens = append(tokens, parts[0])
tags = append(tags, parts[1])
t = append(t, [][]string{tokens, tags})
return t
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