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Copyright 2013 Jeff Koftinoff at J.D. Koftinoff Software, Ltd.

An implementation of IEEE Std 1722.1-2013 that runs on an Arduino with Ethernet Shield.

This project contains one example, called "KnobsAndButtons" which shows how to map knobs and buttons that are connected to the Arduino to control an external AVDECC Entity via the SET CONTROL command.

To get started:

git clone --recursive

Then open the Arduino IDE, go to the "Sketch" menu, "Import Library..." menu item, "Add Library..." item. Then select the JDKSAvdeccArduino directory that you had just cloned from github.

Once you imported the library, you can open the KnobsAndButtons example by going to the "File" Menu, "Examples" menu item, then Select "JDKSAvdeccArduino" option.