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Remove searches fore Firefox OS bugs.

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1 parent 2621c3c commit b1107e6434ff6e45420925f657fce66292a71949 @jdm committed on GitHub Feb 6, 2017
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@@ -223,7 +223,6 @@ addComponentMapping('taskcluster', 'TaskCluster');
addComponentMapping('reporting', 'Tree Management');
// Mappings for various automation related tasks
-addComponentMapping('automation', 'Firefox OS', 'Gaia::UI Tests');
addComponentMapping('automation', 'Mozilla QA', ['Firefox UI Tests',
'Mozmill Tests']);
@@ -262,9 +261,6 @@ addComponentMapping('thunderbird', 'Thunderbird');
addComponentMapping('thunderbird', 'MailNews Core');
addComponentMapping('seamonkey', 'SeaMonkey');
addComponentMapping('calendar', 'Calendar');
-addComponentMapping('b2g', 'Firefox OS');
-addComponentMapping('b2g', 'Core', ['DOM: Device Interfaces', 'Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL)']);
-addGithubComponentMapping('b2g', 'mozilla-b2g/gaia', 'mentored');
addComponentMapping('marketplace', 'Marketplace');
addComponentMapping('contentservices', 'Content Services', ['Interest Dashboard']);
addComponentMapping('webmaker', 'Webmaker', ['Badges',
@@ -337,7 +333,6 @@ addComponentMapping('mdn', 'Developer Documentation', ['Accessibility',
'Developer Tools',
- 'Firefox OS',

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