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Uniform key handling for DOM keyboard events
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JQuery Key plugin

Uniform access to printable and non-printable key codes.

Browsers differ in the way they present keyboard events. See and and

This plugin watches the keyup/keydown/keypress events, checking for all browser-specific details, and delivering events that represent either printable characters or special keys, with an additional property set.

An event that represents printable characters has the "str" property set. An event that represents a special key has the "code" property set. The most commonly used special keys are in list below.

You can set a default key event handler using $.key.defaultKeyHandler(fn); where fn is either a function to receive the events, or an object that contains such a function as a method called "key". The defaultKeyHandler receives key events when no other object has taken focus.

To take keyboard focus, call $.key.focus passing again either a function to receive the augmented event, or an object with a "key" method. $.key.focus returns the previous focus, so you can restore it, or just call $.key.defocus to revert to the default handler.

A key handling function should return true to allow the event to bubble, or false to stop it bubbling.

Special keys

Special keys are any key which does not result in text input, or which is a control key.

In general, control keys run from 0 (ctrl-shift-@) up to 31, but when ctrl is used in a non-control combination (like ctrl-1), we deliver the ASCII code for '1', which is code: 49. event.ctrlKey will also be set, of course.

None of the other special key codes clash with such combos, except ctrl (key 17 or ^Q), shift (16 or ^P) alt (18 or ^R).

The following special keys have names assigned:

$.key.BACKSPACE $.key.TAB $.key.ENTER $.key.SHIFT $.key.CONTROL $.key.CAPS_LOCK $.key.ESCAPE $.key.SPACE $.key.PAGE_UP $.key.PAGE_DOWN $.key.END $.key.HOME $.key.LEFT $.key.UP $.key.RIGHT $.key.DOWN $.key.INSERT $.key.DELETE $.key.NUMPAD_MULTIPLY $.key.NUMPAD_ADD $.key.NUMPAD_ENTER $.key.NUMPAD_SUBTRACT $.key.NUMPAD_DECIMAL $.key.NUMPAD_DIVIDE $.key.COMMA $.key.PERIOD


Tested on Chrome, FF3, FF3.5, Opera, Safari (Mac), IE7, IE8.


Copyright: Clifford Heath, Data Constellation,, 2011 License: MIT. See

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