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Residual Team
Project Leader
Pawel Kolodziejski
Engine Teams
James Brown - Core developer (retired)
Giulio Camuffo - Core developer
Pawel Kolodziejski - Core developer
Grim Contributors:
If you have contributed to this engine then you deserve to be on this
list. Contact us and we'll add you.
Torbjorn Andersson - Various code fixes
Ori Avtalion - Lipsync, LAF support, various code fixes
Marcus Comstedt - Initial Dreamcast port
Andrea Corna - Improved font support, patch extractor
Jonathan Gray - Various code fixes
Vincent Hamm - Various engine code fixes and improvements
Erich Hoover - x86-64 fixes, various code fixes and
Travis Howell - Various code fixes, Windows port
Joost Peters - Various code fixes
Matthieu Milan - Few code improvements
Christian Neumair - Various optimisation patches
Daniel Schepler - Initial engine codebase, LUA support
Einar Johan T. Somaae - Initial EMI support, various code fixes and
Yaron Tausky - Fixes to subtitles
Joel Teichroeb - Initial EMI support, various code fixes
Pino Toscano - Debian GNU/Linux package files
Lionel Ulmer - OpenGL optimisations
Joni Vahamaki - Various code fixes and improvements
vpelletier - Various code fixes and improvements
ScummVM code
Residual use a lot of ScummVM code. For a list of authors look into
Website code
Fredrik Wendel
Special thanks to
The LUA developers, for creating a nice compact script interpreter.
Tim Schafer, for obvious reasons, and everybody else who helped make Grim
Fandango a brilliant game; and the EMI team for giving it their best try.
Bret Mogilefsky, for managing to create a SPUTM-style 3D LUA engine, and
avoiding the horrible hack it could have been.
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