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Pyrana -- A minimalist music player.


This program was written out of frustration with larger music players. Pretty much all I've ever wanted out of a music player was one that played random albums by picking a random artist, then picking a random album, then playing that album, then picking another random artist.

For some reason,I've never run into a music player that played random albums that way, which led to me often ending up having to skip past multiple albums by a particular artist, especially when the artist has a large discography.

While I call this player minimalist, that's not set in stone -- I'll probably add last.fm scrobbling capability and other various features. These features will, however, be ones that I find useful. I highly doubt this app will ever be incredibly bloated.


Pyrana, by default, requires PyGTK (http://www.pygtk.org/downloads.html), and gst-python >= 0.10.0, which is likely available from your package manager -- it's the python2 bindings to gstreamer. gst-python isn't available via your system's tools, get it from http://gstreamer.freedesktop.org/src/gst-python/ .

Pyrana is written using a framework called feather (https://github.com/jdodds/feather). The above dependencies can be removed pretty easily if you don't want to use GTK or gstreamer, provided you write something for displaying the UI and something for playing audio files. Take a look at the source if you're interested.

Pyrana assumes that your music directory is arranged in a artist/album heirarchy.Something like:

  Underpowered Umpires/
    Third Strike/
  Robby and the Revoltors/
    William S. Burroughs Was My Father/


Pyrana stores its configuration in ~/.config/pyrana/options.ini. The file looks like this by default:

use_notify: true
update_pidgin_status: true

music_directory: ~/music
seen_file: ~/.config/pyrana/seen

The options under [main] aren't actually used at the moment, sorry. I'm still catching up a bit from a major rewrite. music_directory should be self-explanatory. seen_file is used by pyrana to ensure that albums that have been played already aren't played again, you should be able to just ignore it.


Credit is due to Shel from http://kipdreaming.com for the sweet tray icons. Thanks, Shel!


Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Hate-mail? Hit me up at jeremiah.dodds@gmail.com