FreeWallet is a free open-source wallet which supports Bitcoin and Counterparty.
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FreeWallet is a free open source wallet which supports Bitcoin and Counterparty.


  • Secure - All encryption is handled client-side. Neither your passphrase nor any of your private information ever leaves your browser, workstation, or mobile device.
  • Simple - With FreeWallet, your passphrase is literally your wallet, and all of your addresses and keys are generated on-the-fly when you log in.
  • Open-Source - FreeWallet is open-source, and available for anyone to fork or review, so you know that it works exactly the way that it is supposed to.
  • Send - Send Bitcoin, XCP, or any other counterparty token/asset to any bitcoin address.
  • Receive - Receive Bitcoin, XCP, or any other counterparty token via a scannable QR Code.
  • Issue Tokens - Quickly and easily create your own tokens to use for whatever you would like.
  • Sign - Sign a transaction with any address in your wallet, or sign a message that others can verify.
  • Broadcast - Broadcast any message to the bitcoin blockchain for anyone to see.
  • Multiple Addresses - Supports multiple addresses as well as importing private keys and watch-only addresses.
  • Mainnet & Testnet - Support for Bitcoin Core (BTC) transactions on both Mainnet and Testnet.
  • Password Protected - Add an Password, PIN or thumbprint scan to give your wallet an additional layer of security.
  • QR Code Authorization - Support for QR Code Authorization which allows anyone to register/login to a site using only their bitcoin address. QR Code Authorization
  • Decentralized Exchange - Integrated exchange interface that allows peer-to-peer trading of counterparty tokens in a truly decentralized and trustless manner.
  • Decentralized Betting - Integrated betting interface that allows anyone to operate a oracle, browse a listing of available feeds, and place bets on feeds.
  • Dividends / Distributions - Distribute an token of your choosing to holders of any other counterparty token.

Mobile Version

The mobile version of FreeWallet is open source and available here.

To report technical issues or suggest features for the mobile version, please submit your requests here.

Desktop Version

The desktop version of Freewallet will be open-sourced in the future and available here.

This version will only be open-sourced after the Exchange and Betting bounties are fully funded and the interfaces completed.

To report technical issues or suggest features for the desktop version, please submit your requests here.

If you would like to license the desktop version please contact Jeremy Johnson <>