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Quake II for Mac and Linux by

Quake II for Mac and Linux


Here you'll find pre-compiled packages of classic Quake II for Mac OSX and 64 bit GNU/Linux by the Quetoo project. These builds are based on the abandoned AprQ2 project by maniac. We've adopted this code and have made numerous fixes, updates and enhancements to it so that Mac and Linux users can have a stable, feature-rich Quake II client. Some of my changes include:

  • Build scripts and packaging for Mac OS X and GNU/Linux
  • Updated R1Q2 Protocol 35 support
  • Anisotropic filtering for SDL video
  • Multisample (FSAA) for SDL video
  • Stencil shadows for SDL video
  • Numerous stability fixes around SDL audio
  • Numerous 64 bit compatibility fixes

A full list of my changes is available in the CHANGELOG.


These packages come with the 3.14 demo and 3.20 point release data (one Single Player map, all of the official Deathmatch maps, and Capture the Flag). You can play the game immediately after installing.


If you want to play the full single-player game, you must provide the retail game data that came on your Quake II CD-ROM. Locate the pak0.pak file on your Quake II CD-ROM and copy it to your user-specific .quake2 folder:

mkdir -p ~/.quake2/baseq2
cp /Volumes/Quake\ II/Install/Data/baseq2/pak0.pak ~/.quake2/baseq2


Compiling this version of Quake II is actually quite easy if you follow the Quetoo developers' guide to install all of the game's dependencies. Once you've installed the dependencies, simply typing make should build the game for you. The INSTALL file located in the source directory covers the details and walks you through installing the Quake II game data, too.


  • The IRC channel for this project is #quetoo on


Classic Quake II for Mac and Linux.




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