A Free, standalone first person shooter video game based on id Tech2.
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Quetoo BETA

Quetoo BETA


Quetoo is a Free first person shooter for Mac, PC and Linux. Our goal is to bring the fun of oldschool deathmatch to a new generation of gamers.


  • Deathmatch, Capture, Instagib, Duel and Rocket Arena gameplay modes
  • Teams Play and Match Mode support
  • High quality remakes of id Software's legendary Quake II deathmatch levels, as well as originals
  • Original sounds and game music by Roland Shaw and Anthony Webb.
  • 100% free to download, play and modify. See our licensing page.


Preview releases of Quetoo for all platforms are available for download on the project website. Installation instructions are available there as well.


Compilation of Quetoo is only recommended for users running GNU/Linux or Mac OS X. Windows users should consider using our cross-compiled snapshots. For more information, see Installation and Maintenance.

The following dependencies are required:

Quetoo builds with GNU Autotools. To build it, run the following:

autoreconf -i
./configure [--with-tests --with-master]
make && sudo make install


To have a working game, you must install the game data using git:

git clone https://github.com/jdolan/quetoo-data.git
sudo ln -s quetoo-data/target /usr/local/share/quetoo

More information on hacking on Quetoo is available on the project website.


  • The IRC channel for this project is #quetoo on irc.freenode.net