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Helm plugin to start a ChartMuseum web server
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helm servecm plugin

A drop-in replacement for helm serve which starts a ChartMuseum web server.


$ helm plugin install
Installed plugin: servecm

If ChartMuseum is not installed, it will ask to install the latest stable release upon use:

$ helm servecm
ChartMuseum not installed. Install latest stable release? (type "yes"): yes
Attempting to install ChartMuseum server (v0.4.2)...
Detected your os as "darwin"
+ curl -LO


Pass in the same args you would use for ChartMuseum:

$ helm servecm --help

S3 bucket example (bucket containing nothing but drupal-0.9.1.tgz):

$ export DEBUG=1  # this is needed if you want debug, helm steals the flag
$ helm servecm --port=8879 --context-path=/charts \
  --storage="amazon" \
  --storage-amazon-bucket="my-s3-bucket" \
  --storage-amazon-prefix="" \
2018-03-22T17:42:45.815-0500	DEBUG	Fetching chart list from storage
2018-03-22T17:42:46.893-0500	DEBUG	Regenerating index.yaml
2018-03-22T17:42:46.893-0500	DEBUG	Loading charts packages from storage (this could take awhile)	{"total": 1}
2018-03-22T17:42:46.974-0500	DEBUG	Adding chart to index	{"name": "drupal", "version": "0.9.1"}
2018-03-22T17:42:46.974-0500	DEBUG	index.yaml regenerated
2018-03-22T17:42:46.974-0500	INFO	Starting ChartMuseum	{"port": 8879}

Then use with Helm CLI:

helm repo add local
helm install local/drupal


Project layout taken from adamreese/helm-nuke.

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