Fast and Easy 20 Character CLI Password Generator
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g20 v1.0.5

g20 (Generate a 20 Character Password) is the fastest and easiest cross-platform CLI password generator on the planet. For years I have been using something similar to it but it only works on OS X. Feel free to submit an issue if you're stuck.


npm install -g g20


$ g20

WgVxD9LXdRyfv8t3D_V has been copied to your clipboard.

Platform Support

OS X Linux¹ Win²

¹ For Linux make sure xclip is installed e.g. sudo apt-get install xclip

² Tested on Windows 10


Can I generate a password longer than 20 characters?


Can I generate a password shorter than 20 characters?


Can I customize the background color to my liking?


Bottom line: all customizations require a fork. And if you want, I will link to your fork in this


Unix Like Windows

Dependency Packages