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An implementation of SCGI for the Io programming language
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SCGI is a CGI replacement that is just as fast as FastCGI, but simpler to
implement. Most modern web servers support this protocol. Read about it at:
This is a small implementation of the SCGI protocol for Io, which allows you
to write blazing-fast internet applications.


This is a very early release, with only extremely minimal functionality. The
goal is to one day turn use this as a base for an Io web framework, but for
now it's a proof-of-concept.


Lighttpd comes packaged with a mod_scgi. Open your lighttpd.conf and add
mod_scgi to your server.modules. It's not in the list by default, so don't get
scared when you notice it's not one of the commented out modules. Just add it.

Then add this to your config:

scgi.server = (
	"/your-scgi-app" => (
		"localhost" => (
			"host" => "",
			"port" => 4000,
			"check-local" => "disable"

Where /your-scgi-app is the directory on your document root that you want to
serve SCGI applications from.

Finally, set up your SCGI server. A bare-bones implementation is packaged in To start it up, just cd to its directory and run it. After you
run it, go to, and you should see a nice
message. If you have, everything is working fine.

Justin Poliey <> 2008

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