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+ Added
- Removed
* Changed/fixed
* fixed a bug in destroyStatus
* removed a call to buildRequest I forgot to get rid of
* fixed bugs with createFavorite and destroyFavorite
* removed debug output
05 14 2009
- buildRequest was actually kind of unneccessary. Like the second c in that word.
* Smarter handling of GET/POST requests, thanks to Gabriel Sosa @pendexgabo
* $require_credentials now defaults to true in apiCall
+ getMentions method maps to statuses/mentions
* createFriendship takes an array of options now
* getRateLimitStatus allows you to choose whether or not to authenticate
+ blockExists method maps to blocks/exists
+ getBlocking method maps to blocks/blocking
+ getBlockingIDs method maps to blocks/blocking/ids
03 28 2009
* Moved core functionality to TwitterBase class, and made Twitter a subclass
of it. That way, a TwitterOAuth class can be extended from TwitterBase in the
- Removed a debug message, oops
03 24 2009
* Return formats are no longer first in the argument list, and they all have
defaults of XML. That was one of the more irritating things in the library.
* A lot of methods with multiple options now take a single array that gets
mapped to GET parameters, so you don't have to worry about order.
* Changed showStatus to getStatus
- Removed getFeatured method
+ Added getFriendIDs method
+ Added getFollowerIDs method
- Removed updateLocation method
+ Added updateProfileColors method
+ Added updateProfile method
- Removed downtimeSchedule method
- Removed getArchive method
11 26 2007
* Initial release!