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h1. Hubbub
-h4. Custom website framework centered around
+*Custom website framework centered around*
+h2. Features
-* Simple CMS
-* integration - view & rsvp for upcoming group meetups
-* Dedicated group blog(s) - for posting info about meetups or post talk or content relevant to the group
-* Aggregated Member Blog
-* Aggregated Twitter Feed
-* User profile pages (bio, meetups attended, groups)
-* Github integration - see groups cumulative github activity
+h4. Simple CMS
-*Possible Features*
+* simple content driven cms using textile/markdown
+* pages will be accessible via /pages/:permalink
+h4. Integration
+* view upcoming events
+* view group members
+* Users will authorize via OAuth so that they can RSVP
+h4. Group Blog
+* Members can publish articles
+* Group specific posts or presentation slides
+* Posts should allow comments
+* Comments should eventually be checked against akismet or similar
+h4. Aggregated Blog
+* Users will provide rss feeds of their blog
+* All blogs will be aggregated and show the user whose feed is associated
+* Aggregated blogs won't allow comments
+* latest blog posts will show up on users profile page
+* A delayed job will run periodically to fecth new posts
+h4. Twitter Integration
+* Members will provide twitter access via OAuth
+* Tweets will be aggregated for the members as a whole
+* Possibly aggregate twitter searches for certain hash tags ie. #cltrb
+* Latest tweets will show up on a users profile page
+* A delayed job will run periodically to fetch new tweets
+h4. Github integration
+* Show users commit activity - gives an idea how active our group is
+* Host dedicated group projects - maybe started during hack nights
+h4. User Profile pages
+* User profile pages that give move info on users
+* Tweets
+* Blog posts
+* Meetups attended
+* Github projects
+h2. Possible Features

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