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Simple Ruby gem for fetching job lisitngs from
Latest commit 5bde051 Sep 3, 2014 @jdpace Version 0.0.5


Jobviter is a simple Ruby gem which fetches and parses a given company's listing feed.


$ gem install jobviter


Jobviter uses Typhoeus to fetch and Nokogiri to parse the job feed. They each have their own dependencies like libcurl and libxml2. Installation instructions are given on their respective sites.


Below is an example of using Jobviter to pull down a list of Twitter job listings.

ruby > require 'jobviter'
ruby > Jobviter.configure do |config|
ruby >   config.company_id = 'q8X9VfwT'
ruby > end
ruby > jobs = Jobviter::Job.all
 => 71
ruby > job = jobs.first
 => #<Jobviter::Job:0x00000100a85600>
ruby > job.title
 => "Software Engineer - Tools"
ruby > job.apply_url
 => ""


  • Fork the project.
  • Setup your development environment with: gem install bundler; bundle install
  • Make your feature addition or bug fix.
  • Add tests for it. This is important so I don't break it in a future version unintentionally.
  • Commit, do not mess with rakefile, version, or history. (if you want to have your own version, that is fine but bump version in a commit by itself I can ignore when I pull)
  • Send me a pull request. Bonus points for topic branches.


Copyright (c) 2011 Jared Pace. See LICENSE for details.

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