Angular filter to convert camelCase strings to human readable strings
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AngularJS camelCase To Human Filter

{{camelCaseString | camelCaseToHuman}}

Converts e.g. myCamelCaseString => My Camel Case String. NOTE: This library is untested with Angular 2.x.


Via npm (Recommended)

npm install --save angular-camelcase-to-human

This filter also can be installed through Bower:

bower install angularjs-camelCase-human

Load the script:

<script src="/path/to/camelcase-browser.js></script>

Include the module as a dependency in your application:

angular.module('MyApp', ['camelCaseToHuman']);


In your template:

{{ "convertThis" | camelCaseToHuman }}

In your JS:

angular.module('MyApp', ['camelCaseToHuman']).controller(function($scope, $filter) {
    var camelCase = $filter('camelCaseToHuman');

    $scope.randomThing = camelcase('convertThis');


This project is licensed under the MIT license.