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This project has been created to help perform functional testing of the Grails Maven Plugin. Specifically, the goal
of this project is to execute all Maven Plugin goals provided by the Grails Maven Plugin and to verify that each
goal ran successfully. The design of this project draws heavily on the Grails Testing Tests project, which is used
to perform similar functional testing on the Grails command line commands.
In order to run the tests, the project requires an installation of Apache Maven (2.x and above) and Grails (1.3 and above).
To run the tests from the command line, navigate to the project and run the following command:
gradle clean test -Dmvn.home=path/to/maven/installation
If you would like to use a specific Grails installation, add the following to the list of arguments passed to Gradle:
By default, the testing framework will assuming a checkout of the grails-core project that is a peer to the testing
framework (i.e. ..\grails-core) if no grails.home argument is provided.