DIY Home Garage Opener system using Pi / Arduino / Delphi FMX
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My DIY Home Garage Opener

I have a "dumb" garage door opener system, and doing small tests, was able to open them with an Arduino and relays.

So I figured I would try and tie this all up together making it overly complicated with Pi's and Arduinos and other parts that I already had laying around.

This is built to be customized to my setup. So no easy to use interfaces to add/remove/configure ect. All will be hard coded. At least in the very beginning to get stuff actually working. But I hope it gives people an idea down the road what can be done.

Some things I will be long hand coding until I am happy then will see about going back around to optimize.

Arduino IDE for Arduino Programming

Embarcadero Delphi for any and all Android/iOS/Win32 Programming

FreePascal / Lazarus for ARM Linux Programming

Arduino.GarageOpener - Arduino Nano - Controller for running relays, DHT11 Temp/Humidity Sensor, and RCWL Microwave Radar motion sensor.

PiServer.GarageOpener - Pi 3 B+ - 3.5" Touch Screen Pi running a simple HTTP Web Server to allow incoming connection calls. Communicates USB>Serial to Arduino.GarageOpener.

Development progress Videos

Arduino Side - Parts List

Arduino NANO

Arduino NANO terminal adapter

DHT11 sensor I would recommend geting a DHT22 or better. DHT11 is what I had laying around at the time

RCWL-0516 motion sensor

Dual Relay

Bread board and wires....

Raspberry Pi Side - Parts List

Raspberry Pi 3 B+

3.5" TFT Screen

Recommend to add this to possibly fix any WIFI dropping over time.

added to /etc/rc.local:

iwconfig wlan0 power off

Guides / Help / Components used for the Pi / Lazarus

FreePascal / Lazarus <---- needed to run latest FPC/Lazarus,38728.15.html <---- when I had issues installing components <---- Serial Port component for Lazarus / Linux <---- INDY components for Lazarus

Wiring Diagram

alt text